About Us

Kakai Softwares Limited is a software company that is involved in software programming, maintainace, databases and all computer related consultancy. It was founded and mostly runs as an online shop, where interested clients can easily bid for an item, just next to them. This company intents to advance to be the leading software company in Kenya, with secure and proffesional clients' job delivery.

This company was founded by Kakai Elvis, and has gained popularity in the recent days for the many works it has successfully handled and taken to completion.

Our company objectives

  • We always believe that you deserve the very best to compete with the world's best! And therefore we offer quality designed ouput just for you.
  • Guarded content is our mission towards maintaining data integrity. We dont render your data vulnerable to unauthorised access
  • Pocket-friendliness in our charges. We don't charge highly, we bring our charges next to you, next to your pocket.
  • We believe that you need to save your time, and that is why we will always deliver on time.

Our mission

To bring the universe closer to our reach, and navigate it with our hands

Our vision

Enhance economic and social interactions with the rest of the globe through technology.